Speedi Marine

Museum Quality Restoration



Renaissance man, Dominic takes the road less traveled. He spent his first 5 years living in a barge, turned houseboat. He played with wrenches-and pipes as a toddler. His Dad, was a shipwright who worked in the Bay Area. From a chainsaw business in his youth-to marine mechanics; Dominic has 35 years of engine experience. 

He is a master mechanic, and machinist. A craftsman, who is uncompromising on detail and design. 

He lives in the hills of Idaho-and boats on the Clearwater River. He has taught his young daughter to pilot a boat well!

Work History

  • Sierra Academy of Aeronautics- 1990-1991 *airframe & powerplant licensed
  • List Marine Inc. 1989-1993
  • Richmond Boat Works 1993-1994
  • Speedy Marine 1993-1999
  • Speedy Diesel & Machine 2000-2016


  • Master machinist & metal fabricator

  • Custom made rod bearings/main bearings & bolts

  • Certified Detroit Diesel overhaul & repair

  • Vintage engine expert & aficionado

  • 6 yrs experience Liberty V12 engine-and related components

  • Engine beds, metal & wood

  • Welder mig, tig & stick

  • Electrical & fuel systems