Doorba veterans: guarding the "secret" guard

When the Guard patrol with officers and men, the hand took the chopper in front of the patrol team.

Mai Zhengwei photographed the militia in Delgun Village in Tibet, and no longer participated in patrols. In winter in 2019, he was a car accident when he riding a motorcycle, and the rib was broken.

He has a young man in the village, and the young people in the village provoked the patrols, and relieved "retirement". Nowadays, the Director of the Delgong Village Committee will put all the energy in the village: the tea garden built in the Moiruan County Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, he wants to inform each household The new house built in Xiaoyang Village in Delgong border has been completed. The village cadres should coordinate the villagers to branch, and they are madwed … Every day, Guarank rides the motorcycle to the old village and relocation point, and the heart is very happy. thing.

There is a story in 1970 in 1970, Guardian Madi Village. Born in that year, there is a famous Han name, such as "Wei Guo", "Yonghong", etc.

The name of the guardion has a unique origin. In February 1970, a woman who was a hexama woman in Madi Village suddenly suffered from serious illnesses.

At that time, there was no way to the road, and there was no doctor in Madi Village.

Her family had to take care of her for her to go to the countryside. Under the full treatment and careful care of the military doctor and medical staff named Wei Zhuo, the child is safe and sound, the mother is safe. In order to let the whole family remember the Liberation Army, remember Wei Zhuo doctor’s kindness, this newly born Martbian boy has a Han name "Guard" – the same sound of the Wei Zhuo doctor, and becomes a military person, defend The meaning of the motherland. In October 1989, he listened to the Guard of his name, and entered the army to the Tibet Linzhijun part of the border, and embarked on the patrol road of the country. "Every patrol is executed according to plan, and what weather is going to meet.

"Medog climate variability, rainy days always come and say, this is difficult to patrol roads had added a line somewhat dangerous.

August 1990, Guards and his comrades encountered a debris flow on patrol.

The road was completely covered by sediment washed down, the larger the more rain the next, rolling in wood and stone, two comrades carry the luggage have been washed away, but fortunately not injured.

Medog is known as "Lotus Fam," he said. Where high mountains and deep career, almost isolated for thousands of years. As Medog people, Guards against harsh natural conditions here have long been accustomed. At first he does not "habit", is the diet in winter.

A snow mountain, became isolated islands of Medog, the outside material movement will not come in.

Guards and his comrades to dig wild eat.

"Comrades can eat, so what I’m not used to this native, it is so over.

"Guards said dismissively." I treat them like their children to watch "in 1991, retired Guards returned home, and Deer Gong Dong village girl red married, grew up in this village settled. Deer Gong and the village of Guards Muddy different village, a border village.

Guards father is a veteran militia, youth and gang officers and men had stood together.

His understanding of defending the homeland and thorough simple: "If the enemy comes to steal, we do not, there is no home.

"When you want to know Guards militia, father told him many frontiers of knowledge, and charged him, and border officers together, keep a good defensive side a good home in Medog, the identity of the village militia and soldiers are patrolling jointly with years of tradition . most of the villagers living here for generations to hunt for a living, familiar inaccessible mountain here, mastered fire, water and other outdoor survival skills, to help bring a lot of patrol officers and the resident. in 2011, during a patrol on the way back, because the soldiers Yang Xin cold suffering pulmonary edema, cough up sputum became pink, Guards and other militias turns carrying Yang Xin go back.

"I was feeling very embarrassed, I really appreciate them.

"Said Yang Xin.

"They’re about the same size and my children, I see them as their own children.

"Guards said Zhou Qiang said the border with monitor, patrol on the road, holding a machete Guards often walk in front of the patrol team, for everyone through the clutter. Met soldiers injured or sick, Guards was still very nervous than they are.

Experienced colleagues so Guards militia, soldiers are at ease. However, people are 上海怎么找新茶 always so small and helpless in the face of nature.

Guards remember, once patrolled him "almost dead." It was April 2008, Guards and soldiers patrol went to a hilltop, catch up with snow, I could not see down the road. "Fire all students is not up, full of snow.

"We can only hold together, boil the night.

Death seemed within reach at the moment.

Fortunately, after dawn finally cleared, we endured the whole body is aching a fire, cook something to eat, continue to set foot patrol roads.

Conditions are so bitter, also took off his military uniform, and why soldiers patrol together? In the reporter repeated questioning, with the Guards are not proficient in Mandarin, said: "I will always be the soldiers of the army, with troops forever." Son embark 上海品茶外卖交流群 Guards patrol the road at home, reporters saw dozens of bed idle bedding . Guards younger son Tsering Dhondup said, these are soldiers prepare to patrol. Before border with no roads to the village of Deer Gong, as far away from the patrol before departure and return, the officers must spend the night at home Guards, Guards will purchase a lot of blankets for bedding when you rest. Now pass the highway, convenient transportation, these blankets will idle. Tsering Dhondup remember one time, my father came home patrol high fever, there is no way the mother, the father let go horseback riding therapy company for a few days and returned home. However, few such cases. Guards and other Menba guy, like, the less seriously injured sick. Even as patrol injured, sick, he is quite some medicine in the past, not a last resort do not bother company officers and men. In Tsering Dhondup’s memory, 上海魔都桑拿论坛 he was particularly looking forward to father a child back on patrol, because his father often gave him bring back some military canned food, it was his province out of their rations. 2016, on the college of Tsering Dhondup want to be a soldier.

In order to test if I could be a good soldier, he decided, and father, along with officers on patrol together.

At that time are catching up with busy, Guards did not go on patrol with his son. "My father told me very little mention hardships patrol on the road, whether it is leech bite, wasp sting, or survived in the cliffs.

Maybe he thought it was all normal situations encountered while on patrol. "Tsering Dhondup said.

He could feel his father’s worry, but his father did not stop him.

The first patrol, Tsering Dhondup would take up about 50 pounds of supplies. Platoon leader leading the way, halfway, Tsering Dhondup walk, platoon leader apart from anything else, remove the material from his shoulders, back on himself.

Near the border one, Tsering Dhondup and the officers and men together to write "China" in stone. Later, Tsering Dhondup registration applicants to become a armed police. Guards are proud to talk about his son, the village is also mentioned young Deer Gong nodded. Last year, the village’s young Deer Gong set up the Border Patrol motorcycle, riding a motorcycle patrol side twice a month.

Guards am very pleased: "These young people are good, they have to patrol, I can rest assured.

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